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Health and Safety Data



The nature of cutting metal, as required by the manufacture of Locusrite products, may result in sharp or burred edges. Users should exercise care in handling, using protective equipment where deemed necessary, such as gloves, clothing and eye protection.


The steel band used to contain certain products is, by necessity, under tension. Care must be taken when cutting the banding to avoid flying ends etc. The shrink wrap polythene used to contain the product is not acting as protection from sharp edges and care should be taken when handling such items.

Stainless Steel

Steel containing various combinations of different elements, a breakdown of which is available on request. The product is chemically stable except under extreme heats. In its normal state stainless steel represents no health hazards. However, treatment such as welding, grinding or burning can result in fumes and/or the production of airborne particles. The main method of ingestion is by inhalation, which should be avoided by ventilation or local extraction. Exposure limits (ref. H.S.E. Guidance Note EH 40) need to be observed.

Galvanised Mild Steel

Mild Steel with a coating of zinc bonded by an electrolytic process. Exposed to heat in excess of 900 degrees centigrade (by fire, welding or flame cutting) the galvanised coating will oxidise, producing copious zinc oxide fumes. Under these circumstances it is recommended that extraction systems be used to ensure that Occupational Exposure Levels are not exceeded and to avoid metal fume fever.

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