Wall Connectors

Simple Stainless steel system for tying new to existing masonry walls.

Teco Wall Starter


Description and Application

The TECO Stainless Steel Wall Starter system joins new walls to existing masonry and is suitable for both internal and external brick or block walls. The connectors can be slotted together up to a maximum of 8 metres or 3 storeys high, from 60 to 250mm thick.


The TECO Stainless Steel Wall Starter system is engineered for outstanding strength and performance. When tested, on failure of the walls there was no sign of any damage to either the wall ties or channel. The wall ties did not pull out of the cross wall or deform within the channel.

The design shear strength may be taken as 6.0kN per 1.2m strip.

Tested by CERAM Building Technology.

A summary report is available upon request.

Wall Starter System

The wall starter system is a 2-part system consisting of a 1.2m long channel and wall ties which slot into and can slide within the channel. The channel is fixed onto existing masonry using 50mm long x 5.45mm diameter bolts with grey wall plugs at the manufacturers recommended centres (3 fixings per strip). Wall ties are supplied to be used at 215mm vertical centres.

Product Range

TECO Stainless Steel Wall Starter system comes in 10 per box.

Code Material Length (m)
TTWSKSSStainless Steel1.2


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